Service Plus - a Commitment to Quality

Sharp/NEC has built a world-renowned reputation developing Visual Solutions that offer the ultimate in quality, performance and longevity.

We have become recognised for professional performance and our product philosophy has enabled Sharp/NEC to become a leading name in the Finance, Transportation, Colour, Corporate, Healthcare, Retail, Education and Cinema sectors.


Sharp/NEC Service Plus takes that philosophy further for the entire sales cycle from pre-sales to the replacement phase. We take the guessing out of installing and managing a Display Solution inventory over a standard or extended lifecycle. Our customers can concentrate on their business activities, confident that their IT infrastructure is underwritten by the Service Plus promise.

The Service Plus Offering

A unique service with an unrivalled service partner network and support infrastructure. Guaranteed performance for the entire lifecycle of our products.

  • Flexible Warranty Extension Programs for all product categories
  • 24/7 for selected displays and projectors
  • De-Re-install service for displays and projectors
  • Optional additional services for dedicated Sharp/NEC displays and projectors with Support+
  • Display your brand and mark your property with our Laser Branding Service for dedicated Sharp/NEC displays and projectors
  • Prism Refurbishment for Digital Cinema projectors
  • Additional optional services for Direct View LED products