Food and Beverage

Increase your flexibility and customer engagement through digital menu boards

Digital signs are the perfect choice when seeking to enhance the customer experience whilst improving efficiency and flexibility in the food serving industry. Improve your queue management and reduce perceived wait times with menu suggestions, infotainment and interactive self-ordering kiosks.

Cost effective compared with printed menus, digital menu boards deliver marketing messages and provide the flexibility to change prices, promotions or advertisements immediately depending on availability, time of day or seasonality - locally or centrally across a network of outlets.


The Challenges Facing Brands Today

Quick service restaurants brands must:

  • Maintain a fast service yet deliver fresh and good quality
  • Must attract and engage guests, convincing the younger generation
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Provide information regarding allergens and calories
  • Reach out to customers and successfully manage new media
  • Analyse and implement more efficient order processes
  • Secure operational profitability
Elegant signage installations deliver greater brand and product impact, flexibility, speed, lower ongoing costs and less waste

The Clear Benefits of Digital

Benefits include:

  • Real-time price and content change responding immediately to triggers
  • Centralised control of content outplay
  • Personalised customer experience with context-aware messaging
  • Engaging, entertaining and up-to-date dynamic screen content
  • Rapid order processing, reduced waiting times and improved order accuracy
  • Reduced perceived waiting times through entertainment
  • Enhanced campaign and marketing analyses
  • Easy handling of allergen information and nutritional facts
Elegant signage installations deliver greater brand and product impact, flexibility, speed, lower ongoing costs and less waste

Driving Factors for Digital Signage

  • Flexible real-time adoption of menu board content according to season, time of day and stock availability
  • Easy access to nutritional facts and allergen information
  • Increased sales rates and cross selling opportunities lead to higher revenues
  • Attractive visual interface delivers engaging customer information and advertising
  • Appealing to your audience with a balanced mix of dynamic and static content
  • Improved visitor satisfaction with better information flow and reduced perceived waiting times
  • Simple roll out and control of marketing campaigns and performance measurement
  • Centralised control of messaging, proof of play and customer outreach
Stay ahead of the competition: 61% of chains saw a sales lift from installing signage with 21.4% over 5% *

* Customer survey for ‘Digital Signage Today’

How to reach customers with an intuitive two-way context aware communication

  • Waiting times and staffing costs are reduced through order processing via mobile phone apps and self-order kiosks.
  • Social media integration supporting QR code processing for coupons and promotions
  • Live inventory checks ensure real-time menu board offering
  • Automated customer-driven content via touch screen ensures a personalised information flow

Large Format Displays

Ideal for:

  • Digital poster usage to provide superb visualisation in super bright environments
  • Natural and reliable colour reproduction to tempt the taste-buds with appetizing images
  • Life size messaging in formats up to 98 inch to demand customer attention
  • Robust information sharing in high footfall spaces
  • Preserving a sleek and seamless interior with cost-efficient smart integration of media playback sources
  • Maintaining customer service through long opening hours, suitable for 24/7 operation
  • Easy integration into infrastructure with wide and flexible connectivity options
  • Reduced maintenance efforts and costs with centralised remote display management

Find out more about the different Display Series and performance levels or contact our NEC F&B signage expert.

  • Ergonomics
  • Functionality
  • Investment security

LED Modules

Ideal for:

  • Inspirational customer attraction with larger than life visual surfaces
  • Up-to-the-minute dynamic advertising with perfect readability in indoor and outdoor spaces
  • All-day, all-night infotainment and engagement, suitable for 24/7 long-life operation
  • Brand messaging seamlessly integrated into store architecture
  • Natural and reliable colour reproduction to tempt the taste-buds with appetizing images
  • Future-proof investment with upgrade path and high quality German product design
  • Easy maintenance via convenient front access
  • Ergonomics
  • Functionality
  • Investment security


Ideal for:

  • Inspirational customer attraction with larger than life projection on all kind of surfaces
  • All-day, all-night infotainment and engagement with durable laser light source in controllable light conditions
  • Brand messaging seamlessly integrated into store architecture
  • Customer engagement through creative installations such as interactive walls, floors, tables or dynamic retail shelves
  • Space saving and flexible device installation
  • Easy integration into infrastructure with wide and flexible connectivity options
  • Reduced maintenance efforts and costs with centralised remote display management
  • Ergonomics
  • Functionality
  • Investment security

NEC leafengine

Software-based context-aware two-way communication with customers

Ideal for:

  • Targeted food and beverage recommendations and cross selling opportunities
  • Ensuring that customers receive only relevant information
  • More successful marketing campaigns through the integration of QR codes into the instore signage system for processing coupons and promotions
  • Improved supply chain management and live inventory checks
  • Managing and integrating social media feeds into signage delivery
  • Reliable marketing control and campaign performance measurement
leafengine Overview

Modular computing as display content source

Advantages of modular slot-in computing:

  • Space saving installation of display input sources such as Intel-based computing, Raspberry Pi compute modules or Android-based media playback
  • Safe operation of computers and media players in the kitchen and customer areas
  • Reliable operation avoiding external signal and power cables
  • Super-low energy consumption saves both the environment and your budget
  • Support all-day infotainment and engagement with 24/7 operation capability
  • Central control eases operation and content adoption for single restaurants and entire chains
  • High data security through integration of professional security software options

Mounting solutions

Ideal for:

  • Safe and stable integration of displays, projectors and LED modules
  • Flexible positioning and fixing of display devices in the kitchen and public areas
  • Customisable display applications for specific purposes
  • Mobile and adjustable display applications

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