USB Type-C and its Benefits for the AV Market

The USB Type-C connector was first introduced in 2014. Its compact, reversible design offered a user-friendly experience, while its advanced features unlocked new possibilities for data transfer, power delivery, and multimedia functionalities.

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How do Sharp/NEC’s environmentally friendly solutions not only benefit the planet, but also your business?

Sharp/NEC's sustainable solutions are not only good for the environment, but also for your company. We explain why.

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Why Sharp/NEC uses RB laser light sources

Digital Cinema

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Why fire safety is of critical concern, and how Sharp/NEC products are trusted for their proven fire safety compliance.

Sharp/NEC products are trusted for their proven fire safety compliance.

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Sustainable production, processes and usage in digital visual devices

Why are Sharp/NEC products more environmentally friendly than others?

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Sharp/NEC’s policy regarding retrofit of laser light source in lamp-based projectors

Sharp NEC Display Solutions has a long heritage in projection technology

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The nuts and bolts of hybrid working

A practical guide to the hotly discussed, but rarely defined, new way of working

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Topological design strategies to safeguard network security and protect critical control room operations.

Topological design strategies to safeguard network security and protect critical control room operations.

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How Laser Impacts the Movie Going Experience

The Benefits of Laser Cinema Projectors

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How all LED’s are not the same

DirectView LED

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Which technology best fits the need? Comparing LCD and dvLED solutions

Large Surface Signage

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Why is reliable display operation so fundamental to business success?

Professional Large Format Displays

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Only Sealed Light Engine LCD Laser Projectors are Truly “Install & Forget”

Filter-free means all the benefits of long lasting operation with uniquely zero maintenance requirements.

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RB Laser Technology

What is the most effective laser technology to combine high projection performance with operational efficiency?

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Professional Large Format Display vs. Consumer Television

What are the advantages of a professional large format display over a consumer television - and when are the differences of vital importance?

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Laser Risk Group

How does the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Laser Risk Group impact your Projector Business?

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The Future of Digital Cinema

What is the big screen of the future?

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Perfecting the Perception of Digital Signage Installations

Which display size and resolution do I need for a successful implementation of digital signage applications?

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4K UHD Displays and Projectors

NEC’s Portfolio of Next Generation 4K UHD displays and projectors for the Ultimate Visual Experience

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Stunning Visibility in a Bright World

How display brightness affects successful implementation of Digital Signage applications

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NSH lamps

Why are NSH lamps the better solution for compact Digital Cinema Projectors?

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