Command & Control / Surveillance

Real-time visualisation of multiple data sources

Rapid decision making requires instant access to information with real-time, accurate, broad and varied data sources ensuring the best outcomes. Visualisation is the essential element for human perception and the visual representation and management of information is vital in maintaining smooth operation, pre-empting potential issues and reacting swiftly to incidents. The volume, speed and diversity of information is growing exponentially. The term widely used today: ‘Big Data’, not only means a huge volume of available information, but also clearly set targets, the latest technologies and the right processes in order to get the available data structured and analysed.



From energy to emergency – the importance of information

The decisions made in a control room environment might be business critical or even life changing. For Blue Light, emergency services and surveillance, conditions require the analysis of complex situations with operators challenged to identify the root causes of a given situation as quickly as possible. In the energy markets, business can be made or lost in seconds - immediate, accurate and clear visual access to any information brings competitive advantage in global business deals and protects assets and employees from risks and harm. For utility, aviation, railway, traffic, dispatch, haulage and manufacturing – any sector where the transportation of people or products is required; effective command and control scenarios are critical.

Adaptable technology for any scenario

From huge visualisation surfaces to multiple desktop display installations for operator workspaces, to projection in breakout rooms, the full range of display technology is valued within the control room environment with source and content management and distribution providing the critical link.

Large format displays, video walls, direct view LED and projection provide large digital surfaces of any size in bright, vivid, Ultra High Definition enabling multiple people to visualise information in the greatest detail and clarity. Desktop displays, either single or in multiple configuration enable more detailed scrutiny and analytic review for supervisors. Scalable and flexible solutions bring future oriented capability to adapt to changing needs.

The management of multiple sources and the flexible mapping to an infinite number of visual outputs is of the highest importance. Sharp/NEC’s Hiperwall content management solution offers the highest operational reliability and flexibility. The only manufacturer of visual display solutions able to offer a technology agnostic consultancy paired with first-class service levels, Sharp/NEC empowers the confidence behind decision making excellence.


Case Studies


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