Sharp NEC Display Solutions – Meeting & Collaboration Solutions

The Challenge

According to Microsoft, 73% of employees want to work flexibly, and yet 67% want more face-to-face collaboration. How can organisations attract and retain talent, satisfying the needs of all stakeholders, whilst reducing costs and maximizing productivity?

The Solution

The office becomes a desirable destination, a place for social interactions. Multiple, purpose-designed modular workspaces, equipped for any size and type of meeting, available to reserve as needed.
Highest quality user experiences, fully inclusive for every meeting participant, in-room or remote.

Why Sharp/NEC

In an era where audio visual technology is critical to successful working practices, choosing the right technology partner to guide you through the challenges of hybrid working and blended learning becomes more important than ever before.
Delivering the highest quality user experiences from the widest portfolio of display products is just one element of our partnership promise. We pledge our partnership for the long-term, nurturing reciprocal relationships, and implementing our highly regarded service and support. We commit to continued innovation, resolute in our corporate responsibility and sustainability goals, and purposeful in supporting our partners through the design and deployment of outstanding projects on a local and global scale.