Sharp NEC Display Solutions client installation, Corporate

Sennheiser UK

Immersive showroom offers a complete customer experience

For nearly 80 years, Sennheiser has been a leader in the AV industry, supplying reliable and innovative audio technologies and products to a diverse range of industries. Through their long-standing partnership, Sennheiser tasked Kinly with the AV integration at its new office space in Marlow, UK.

The innovative new facility not only provides space for the Sennheiser team to continue to grow, but also delivers a demonstration space to showcase the company’s audio technology.

The Challenge

The move to Sennheiser’s new home required the cooperation of multiple vendor partners with whom Kinly orchestrated the integration of existing equipment from the old premises. The reuse and reconfiguration of robust, high-quality equipment safeguards the long lifecycle of products which will continue to deliver state of the art performance in the new space.

The newly created Customer Experience Centre allows customers and suppliers to immerse themselves in Sennheiser’s extensive product range whilst experiencing reallife, fully integrated, workplace scenarios.

Comprising a welcome reception, refreshment/lounge room, office areas and a divisible workspace, the Customer Experience Centre is fully equipped to establish a real-world experience for visitors whilst demonstrating the seamless compatibility between Sennheiser and its vendor partners. Trusted for its quality and reliability, Sharp/NEC provides the visual displays throughout the showroom.

The Solution

The project required the integration of existing equipment, alongside newly acquired equipment, into the brand-new premises. In the refreshment area, this includes a 75-inch NEC MultiSync® C Series display, BrightSign digital signage player and TV player, as well as Q-SYS audio speakers and control system. Staff can relax watching streaming TV services during their downtime in this social space or join townhall or company-wide online meetings using Barco Click-Share.


The welcome/ reception area also features a 75-inch NEC MultiSync® C Series display with NowSignage working with a BrightSign digital signage player to deliver welcome messages to guests arriving at the Customer Experience Centre, alongside Sennheiser product information interspersed with live traffic and weather updates. A Barco Click-Share also allows for small ad-hoc meetings to take place in this comfortable space.

Kinly equipped the refreshment area, reception and office spaces with Q-SYS ceiling speakers to provide background music and create a welcoming ambience for Sennheiser and its guests by streaming music from the Perfect Octave service and internet radio.

The divisible workspace consists of both stage and audience sections. The stage is the master room where in-person training is delivered. The audience is where online training and calls take place. Both spaces feature NEC MultiSync® V Series 98-86- and 65-inch displays with the smaller screen mounted on a Unicol trolley for added mobility.

Having created a larger workspace, the extra-large screen estate of the 98-inch display was required to provide the main visual anchor whilst aesthetically matching the existing reassigned V Series displays. For in-person and hybrid sessions, the focus is on the 98-inch display with the 65-inch display providing repeater screen views for those further back in the room. The 86-inch display can be used as a confidence monitor for the presenter, positioned on the opposite wall to the 98-inch master display.

"The NEC V Series displays are used for online training and demonstration sessions as well as in-person presentations and townhall meetings where quality and reliability are paramount." confirms Inesh Patel, Business Development Manager at Sennheiser. "All three displays can work independently when the rooms are split but can all be combined to show different or duplicated content depending on the type of session being held."

In addition, the spaces include multiple Q-SYS PTZ cameras and Q-SYS wide-angle cameras, Q-SYS touch panels and a comprehensive audio/video distribution system. The divisible space is also equipped with Barco Clickshare BYOD capabilities to connect Sennheiser and all its guests to remote participants during demonstrations.


Two smaller meeting rooms are each equipped with a 55-inch NEC MultiSync® M Series display, used for online and in-person meetings.

Sennheiser products on display across all areas of the newly designed showroom include the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and TeamConnect Ceiling Medium microphones with TruVoicelift in full operation for all to hear in the joint meeting spaces; the Speechline Digital Wireless microphone system for speech and lecture; IEM in-ear monitoring solution and MobileConnect bi-directional communication solution. MobileConnect can be used in these spaces in split-room or combined mode for assisted listening and talk-back capabilities.

The result is two spaces that can be run as two individual meeting rooms with independent online conferencing capabilities that utilise high quality Sennheiser beamforming mic technology in conjunction with Q-SYS to provide Teams and Zoom certified room experiences with Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR).

MobileConnect is also used as an optional touring application around the Customer Experience Centre where visitors can use their own smart device to listen to a guide and be able to ask questions through the system for all to hear.

There is a live open demo area that presents the latest Sennheiser Wireless microphone technology such as EW-D, EW-DP and EW-DX alongside some of the latest professional monitoring headphones and Sennheiser’s additional portfolio from Merging Technology and Neumann.

The Neumann ProAudio Room provides a control room sound experience for listening to and assessing the different ranges of Neumann Monitors such as the KH80’s, 120’s and 320’s.

To fully meet all project requirements, Kinly also designed a bespoke network to host the AV technology owing to the client’s preference to not use their own network.


Driving all AVoIP devices in the building, the comms room acts as a central connection point featuring Netgear’s AV switch portfolio which also provides PoE to all AV devices. Netgear Wi-Fi access points provide Wi-Fi coverage around the office area for AV use which includes MobileConnect audio streaming over Wi-Fi and Control Cockpit software access.



The Result

The successful project has resulted in an immersive customer experience showroom where Sennheiser and its partner vendors can host guests and introduce them to the fully integrated Sennheiser experience.

Sennheiser, Kinly and Sharp/NEC have been working in a trusted partnership for several years, sharing a customer-centred approach that prioritises quality, reliability, and vendor compatibility to deliver the best possible user experiences.

"We chose Sharp/NEC displays due to our alliance partnership and to complement the reputation of Sennheiser’s reliability and robustness, for which Sharp/NEC holds a similar reputation. Both brands seamlessly working together sets a very high standard, a quality which is clearly perceived by visitors to the new showroom," Inesh concludes.