NEC Digital Signage Displays

The V Series Large Format Displays

The V Series Large Format Displays from NEC are a perfect fit for many industries; find out how you can successfully address the needs of the five major business sectors. Show them how they can benefit from professional signage using smart displays that will support the efficient growth of their business.



1. Retail Signage

Retail signage has become an essential part of the in-store concept where it provides relevant and context-aware information to buyers, boosting sales through interactivity, the integration of mobile devices and sensor based interaction. The display brightness of 500 cd/m² combined with an anti-glare surface to reduce reflections effectively provides effortless readability under common ambient light conditions in retail showrooms and sales counters. The elegant and slimline design provides a sense of style and prestige whilst ensuring the advertising message is well received.

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2. Food and Beverage

Digital signs are the perfect choice when seeking to enhance the customer experience whilst improving queue management and reducing perceived wait times with menu suggestions, infotainment and interactive self-ordering kiosks. The open platform modular approach with Raspberry Pi is the smartest way to create scalable and real-time digital menu boards. The performance of the NEC edition of the Raspberry Pi compute module 3 has been adapted to the needs of digital signage featuring an enhanced on-board memory of 16 GB, a real time clock and watch dog timer. It’s a modular, upgradable and seamless solution with an internal connection for power, video, audio, USB and Ethernet.

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3. Corporate Office

The new V-Series displays are ideal for corporate in-house communications and meeting areas. The network operation doesn’t only allow smart content distribution to numerous sites within a company, NEC’s control and management software (NaviSet Administrator 2) allows real-time management of all connected NEC displays on the network. By monitoring the display conditions and providing proactive system information, administrators can avoid downtime and ensure the continuous operation of the signage network.

The interactive version of the V series (from June 2017 onwards) featuring infrared touch is an ideal solution for huddle spaces and interactive group working including options for audio and video conferencing systems.

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4. Entertainment, Leisure and Hospitality

Digital surfaces and interactive screens deliver a variety of data and information with exciting possibilities to motivate and inspire an audience. Several customisation options turn the display into a tailor-made solution for specialised applications. NEC can offer coloured bezels for V and P series displays based on your customers’ requirements, uniquely designed to match their environment.

Displays installed in public spaces have to withstand external hazards and tough conditions. The anti-reflective protective glass from Schott ensures perfect readability with crisp and clear images from different viewing angles and distances whilst securing the long-life operation of the display. Interactive displays featuring multi-touch will allow a bidirectional information flow with visitors.

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5. Cinema

Infotainment displays and digital posters entertain and inform as visitors enjoy the atmosphere of the foyer and the retail opportunities therein. Theatre operators will see growth in revenue generation from concession stands and uplift in box office sales as strategic digital signage delivers cross-sales promotions and entices repeat business with movie trailers for forthcoming blockbusters.

Cinemagoers are expecting an immersive visual experience during their visit to the movie theatre. The colour accuracy of the new V series extends the cinema experience to the foyer and concession sales area. Full control of all visual parameters including brightness, colour, gamma and uniformity is managed via the Spectraview Engine for precise and reliable images.

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