Share your message, your way.

Introducing the MESSAGE line-up

Soon to be launched, our MESSAGE Series is a range of Large Format Displays perfectly tailored to deliver your message, your way, today and in the future.

One line-up, multiple usage

Whether you are considering upgrading to digital for your signage, expanding your estate or equipping your meeting rooms; the MESSAGE line-up brings all the quality you expect, all the features you need, yet at a price point you like.

The innovative open, modular design means the display solution you need for today will continue to meet your changing needs in the future. Whatever your usage scenario, the MESSAGE line-up provides just the professional features you require, and the peace of mind that your investment is protected.


Convey content with confidence

When your audience is making a judgment of competence, the quality of your delivery could not be more vital. Choose the tools that support you in delivering your content with confidence.

Incorporating world-leading Japanese innovation, best in class components, and full metal casing, the MESSAGE line-up provides the reliability, safety and longevity you expect under the Sharp/NEC badge.

With ultra-high definition imaging performance, professional feature sets, extensive connectivity and future-proof scalability, the MESSAGE line-up guarantees the enduring quality of your image, both onscreen and off. Don’t leave first impressions to chance.


A new standard in content delivery

So much more than a digital screen, the MESSAGE line-up is primed and ready for future-proof content delivery. Powerful media playback drives the MESSAGE line-up for the most intuitive signage creation, providing exceptional visual experiences.

With an integrated Raspberry Pi MediaPlayer or the more powerful Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) computing device, the modular design supports your changing needs for long-life, fit-for-purpose performance.

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Make your mark

However you deliver your message, via digital signage or digital presentation; the MESSAGE line-up will help you make your mark.

Across 3 feature sets and 5 screen sizes, with open modular infrastructure, landscape or portrait installation flexibility and optional capabilities; the MESSAGE line-up is tailor-made to your usage requirements and budget constraints, both now and as your needs change in the future.

Choose the display that best fits your usage requirements:


ME (Essential) Series

Ideal for signage applications in retail and QSR, for SME and entry level enterprises

  • Designed for 18/7 operation
  • Driving content with RPi NEC Media Player
  • Landscape or portrait installation flexibility
  • Improved connectivity and control

ME431 (43”) ME501 (50”) ME551 (55”) ME651 (65”)


M (Mainstream) Series

Offering enhanced performance for enterprise users in meeting rooms and for signage applications in leisure and entertainment, demanding retail and higher education.

  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Professional haze filter minimises reflections
  • Intelligent NEC adaptive cooling system
  • Driving content with RPi4 or Intel® SDM advanced computing

M431 (43”) M491 (49”) M551 (55”) M651 (65”)


MA (Advanced) Series

Suited for mission critical environments in manufacturing and engineering, transportation, command & control, museum and high-end retail.

  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Driving content with RPi4 or Intel® SDM advanced computing
  • Wide colour gamut panel and SpectraView® engine for superb colour accuracy
  • Advanced connectivity including HMDI x 2 / DP x 2 / Out

MA431 (43”) MA491 (49”) MA551 (55”)