Personal Workspace

Individual productivity and well-being

The desktop display is the vital visual interface between the user and the computing power needed to support their daily work – it is a key piece of office equipment. Organisations are seeking to provide a workspace environment which is conducive to productive output – this includes individually tailored ergonomics, clutter free desktop spaces, future proof connectivity and aesthetic designs. Meanwhile, organisations are required by law to ensure user well-being and demonstrate efforts to reduce their carbon emission.



Where productivity gets personal

As a tool for productivity, it is vital to ensure the display is delivering crisp and clear content and fit for purpose performance. Each user is unique requiring an individually tailored personal workspace - achieving the perfect ergonomic setup ensures users are well equipped to perform at the peak of their ability, thus maximising their productivity. Sitting in front of a digital display for long periods is generally part of the job, but not without risk of eye fatigue or even macular degeneration; organisations provide support to help reduce these risks and maintain the well-being of their staff.

There are variables in usage from corporate back office, dispatchers and supervisors, to creative professionals, pre-production and pre-press applications - a range of screen technologies and additional functionality caters accordingly. Creative professionals demand wide colour spaces, colour accuracy and calibration capabilities to guarantee colour fidelity throughout the workflow process helping to reduce production costs. Where large amounts of data need to be analysed such as on trading floors and for side-by-side document viewing, larger display sizes and multiple screen configurations aid productivity with a larger screen estate.

Sharp/NEC offers performance with protection

Sharp/NEC demonstrates its highest attention to ergonomics with a range of desktop displays offering extensive ergonomic adjustability including height, tilt, swivel and brightness controls. Matching best visualisation with health conscious efficiency, built-in Low Blue Light technology filters out hazardous blue light emissions whilst Flicker-Free technology eliminates the effect of flickering to protect the users’ eye.

Narrow bezels support multiple screen set-ups without image obstruction and curved displays support immersive experiences with highest ergonomic viewing.

For the most demanding applications, Sharp/NEC SpectraView technology brings trusted colour reproduction with calibration options for colour critical workflows.


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